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Mixed Games - 2004-06-30
Metal Gear Solid: Dog-Tags

Yup, you scare the guards who never cry out or anything (thankfully) and they give you
their dog-tags. Not exactly the best thing you could ask for... Still, I think the idea of
dog-tags is a good one, and it gives you somthing to do after you've finished the game.
The mini-panel 5 is referring to Metal Gear Solid 2 on the Playestation 2 in which if you
release "square" too quickly, the gun goes off, killing the hostage. Of course you have to
kill them anyway or they sound the alarm and you get into a firefight and killed.
I've been playing Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes and MGS2 at a friends for the past 2 days,
and have finally finished Twin Snakes. Great game, although I'm having difficulty getting
through the first 20-minutes of play on Hard mode.
This is the second Metal Gear comic, and has possibly the longest caption I've written to
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