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Mixed Games - 2006-05-17
Burnout Revenge

The first comic since February. I remember why I've stopped. This comic took about 3
hours, and I'm not very happy with how the images in panels 1 to 3 look. I'm sure that's
not a sports car, but I can't do any better.
In reality, this really doesn't happen much. I'm not very good, so I don't get many
takedowns anyway, and there are a lot of players online- you're unlikely to run into a
group of 5 players who all have grudges against you. Still, the possibility is there, and
this does happen to a lesser extent.
I looks like I wrote the narrator's bits on parchment. God knows why, but I don't think it
came out badly.
This is currently the latest Mixed Games comic. However, there are also Illusion Of Time and Timesplitters 2 comics on Stickman Arcade. Visit the archives to start reading.

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