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Timesplitters 2 - 2005-10-31
Hanging Maiden

Well Rob hasn't drawn a comic for almost a month now, and I don't think anyone really
wants more IOT comics, so I, Crash, have drawn this one.

It actually happened, although this was when I was playing with another friend. He decided
the best way to get here down was to shoot the rope. You might think this wouldn't do
anything, but it actually gives you a game-over. I'm surprised the designers thought
enough people would do it to bother with it really.
Panel 3 has a lemmings reference. They made that Urrgghh noise when falling from a long
way (at least they did on at least one version).
The characters are pretty boring. They can point up and down, and they can walk around,
but that's about the limit of their mobility. They don't even press buttons- they just
look at them and they move. Magic!
In panel 2 I wrote "shoot" instead of "catch", before I corrected it. Quite funny I
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