ScriptComic allows you to convert your idea into a comic without all of that messy drawing, inking and colouring. Simply enter your script in the box below and click "Create Comic" to see your script being acted out by tiny little digital people. Review the comic and then click "Save" to get a permanent url so you can show your friends/enemies/pets.

Special Commands
empty line - New panel (see example on left).
[newscene] - Randomly changes the background. Example
[newscene]colour - Changes the background colour to colour. Example
[Author]Yourname - Displays yourname on the comic's credits page. Example
Charactername-redman - Sets Charactername to use image redman. Example
Use character name "none:" to have voices come from nowhere, or to only have someone on the right of a panel. Example

About ScriptComic

Script Comic created by Crashthatch, 2006.
Scripts & some images Copyright their respective owners.