A history of Spritecomic
Scriptcomic came about because I was bored, had the idea, and wondered if it were possible to create something like it. Evidently, it is.
I first found a comic done purely through HTML called Kid Radd. It's a great comic, although now finished. In one of the FAQs or extras (I forget where exactly), the author describes how he makes each comic, and how to replicate the HTML comic with sprites idea. I built my own sprite comic, Pixelcomic, shortly after that in January 2004. I never actually released the comic online as it was too similar to Triangle and Robert for my liking, and the story basically sucked (and I already had my own webcomic (Stickman Arcade)). Pixelcomic remained dormant for 2 years.
Early 2006 (now, at time of writing): I re-read through Kid Radd's archives and remembered about pixelcomic. One of the major problems with it, other than my bad writing skills, was that the HTML code for every page had to be edited for every panel to show different backgrounds, characters, speech, etc. Sure, I could make some kind of code to simplify the process (probably involving selecting characters from drop down boxes etc.), but a script format would be even better. Everyone can write scripts, and they can be as detailed or as simple as wanted. I dug out a few old panels of pixelcomic and the viewer I had designed, and started writing ScriptComic for use by everyone.
Now I still can't think of any ideas, and can't really draw any sprites to act out the scripts, but if I ever decide to start writing picelcomic again, it'll be much easier. Small funny things which wouldn't normally warrant drawing an entire comic (15mins - 2 hours) can now be converted to comic form in seconds. I think a comic in this form is slightly better than just putting the script for what would happen on a website.

Crashthatch (me) - I had the idea, created it, and maintain it.
Dan Miller - Creator of aforementioned Kid Radd, and the idea of comics in HTML.
Nintendo - I've used some mario, samus and other sprites from various games as characters. Technically this is not allowed, but thousands of other sprite comics do it, so I don't think it can be that bad. At least I'm giving credit.

I have other websites, most of which are accessible from Crashthatch.com. Forums are here if you're interested.

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